John-Paul Heil

John-Paul Heil, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is a junior at Mount St. Mary's University majoring in philosophy, history and Italian studies.

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Heritage homecoming

After nearly twenty years away from home, works from the Museum of Prato collection have returned to their rightful place in the beautiful Palazzo Pretorio. The building has just reopened after being closed to the public since 1997. The museum houses works by Lippi, Donatello, Giovanni da Milano, Agnolo Gaddi,


Florence has gone to the dogs!

Florence dog lovers rejoice: new regulations have been released stating that man’s best friend will be able to freely enter into offices, shops and other public areas, with heavy fines for those who show signs of banning the animals. These changes have been instituted in an attempt to


When hell muds over

The idea for the mud run first came to Mauro Leoni, president of ASD Sport Lab, which is organizing the event, about three years ago. He explains, ‘Some American friends, guests of our family, told me about two sports that I did not know but that I immediately became


Tuscan Integration

Tuscany is due to receive 1,37 million euro from the Ministry of the Interior to be used for a project promoting the linguistic diversity and civic education of foreign nationals.   According to the Tuscan Regional Minister  for Welfare and Vice President, Stephanie Saccardi, the money is intended


Honouring Mandela

A meeting honouring the life and work of Nelson Mandela will be held this December at the Palazzo Vecchio, one year after Mandela's death. The announcement was made official on March 6 by deputy mayor Dario Nardella at the Palazzo Vecchio. The meeting was attended by South African ambassador


On the podium

Tuscany was recently declared the second most attractive region in Europe for foreign investment by FDI, the magazine of the business newspaper Financial Times. In a special biennial report on global appeal of over 486 European cities and regions, FDI ranked Tuscany second behind Lombardy in Northern Italy.   This


Calling young artisans and bloggers

From May 15 to 18, Florence’s foremost arts and crafts festival, Artigianato e Palazzo, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in the Corsini gardens. Embracing the future, the festival has launched a contest entitled Blogs & Crafts: Young Craftspeople and the Web, encouraging young artisans under the age of