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Where to do karaoke

First things first: karaoke is a serious business in Italy. It may prove a challenge to wrestle the microphone out of the hands of the semi-professional and perfectly groomed soprano in charge of the evening. You should also bear in mind that a sober Italian audience might not find


Where to watch American football in Florence

Yes, the point of the study abroad experience is to immerse yourself in another culture. But for some American students and expats in Florence, keeping up to date with American sports is a hard habit to put on hold. Surprisingly, following the NFL is much easier than you would expect


A midnight snack?

As you wander around Florence in the early hours of the morning, fresh out of the bars or the discoteche, your nose will catch the aroma of fresh-baked pastries. For only one euro, you can enjoy a piping hot cornetto or cannolo—from a ‘secret’ bakery.