The Jewish Community of Florence: from kindergarten to care home

    Freshly baked challah has been carefully wrapped in individual paper packages and arranged in a wicker basket by the entrance into the Jewish Community of Florence. While the ...


Your Thursday Forecast: best events in Florence

CINEMA/ River to River Florence Indian Film Festival 20th anniversary May 14-15       The River to River Florence Indian Film Festival marks its 20th anniversary with a special ...


How to enrol your kids in kindergarten in Florence

The second round of kindergarten enrollment in Comune di Firenze (City of Florence) schools will commence on May 3 and last until June 30. For parents who did not have ...


Covid-19 and the parenting experience in Tuscany

I genuinely do not believe that I could have been any more shocked if you had picked me up and dumped me on Mars and told me to get on ...


10 child-friendly aperitivo spots in Florence

Kids need their merenda hour, just like parents need their aperitivo!  Or as I like to call it, “merendativo”, a happy-family-happy-hour that both parents and their offspring can enjoy.   ...


Children-friendly parks in Florence

Keeping kids entertained is never as easy as one would like to think. Especially now as schools will remain closed until September, I find myself scrambling to come up with ...


Children’s summer camps to start on June 15      

Pre-enrolment now open for summer camps in and around Florence


Family resources in Florence

For those with younger members of the family around, an undeniable struggle throughout this lockdown has been entertaining children who normally enjoy the stimulation of a packed school day. Thankfully, ...


Family life during lockdown in Florence

I get up at 4am—uncharacteristically, I can assure you—and make a strong cup of coffee. Sitting on the still-dark balcony, I wait for the sun to rise, breathing in air ...


Vietnam to Tuscany: international adoption

Between 2004 and 2018, the number of children adopted from abroad in Italy decreased. According to data, the number of adopted children peaked in 2010 with 4,130 adoptions, and fell ...


The Fiumi family

With deep Florentine roots yet an international outlook, the Fiumi family are symbols of success with a charisma and dedication that is awe-inspiring. The Florence-born siblings all left for pastures ...


A family-friendly guide to Florence

Cast your mind back to your early days in Florence: you and your significant other are strolling hand in hand along the cobbled streets. Undaunted by crowds or soaring temperatures, ...


Tomorrow’s children: Leading Minds conference

This month’s cover story of The Florentine concentrates on a local event of global resonance for the future.   Research has shown that up to 20 percent of adolescents are ...


UNICEF in Florence: upcoming events

In a city steeped in history, anniversaries in Florence are a dime a dozen, but a history that foretold a future is rare indeed. Thirty years ago, something remarkable happened. ...


How to survive the summer with kids

What do you do when you’re hot, your kids are hot, and things are going to explode into a fiery argument if you don’t cool down pronto? Never fear, solutions ...


Kid-friendly Florence

From tots to teens, Florence’s younger population gets a made-to-measure May weekend of activities with the return of Firenze dei Bambini from May 4 to 6.   “Ingenuity” is the ...


Giardino Piero Filippi: a San Niccolò story

Sanniccolini proudly take their children there for play dates. Giardino della Carraia is a breath of fresh air extending up the hill from Porta San Miniato. The name comes from ...


Florence for the whole family

They think they’ve seen it all before: the Uffizi, the Duomo, Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella. You have a busy day at work, but your folks are in town ...


Velonotte: turning the wheels of imagination

Florence Bike Festival is taking the city on a two-wheeled joy ride. Tackling all things bicycle, from April 21 to April 23, 2017 the Renaissance capital’s cobblestones will rattle to the ...


6 rainy day activities for kids in Florence

The sun is not always shining in Florence, contrary to popular belief. Here are six ways to calm your kids on a rainy day.


A family love story

This is the story of the Miljian family, who have a deep love story with Florence. 
Micaela and Julien met in the Tuscan cradle seven years ago, when they were ...


A chat with Elise Chapin

Before Elise Chapin and I ever met, our mothers were friends. Looking back on their era—the late 50s and 60s in Somerset County, New Jersey—their lives seems so distant from ...


Twentieth-century Tuscany

  Tuscany’s Renaissance and Etruscan masterpieces are world famous, but the region’s twentieth-century art gets scant attention. Toscana ’900, a project of the Tuscan Region and the Ente Cassa di ...