Exiled inside: parallels with Dante Alighieri

For the moment, we settle into a different exile, the one that really matters, and that is our personal severance from all society.


Innocenti online

The Istituto degli Innocenti has launched two social media campaigns aimed at entertaining children during these days of lockdown and apprising them of the gravity of the Coronavirus.


Maggio reimagined

The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino opera house has launched a streaming service to bring its music to people in their homes.


What to watch on Netflix + Amazon Prime during lockdown

I am doing quarantine alone at home. It’s not that bad actually. I have a busy schedule of video calls with friends and relatives, I’ve cleaned every square inch of ...


Retreat into your home, not into yourself

I was at a birthday party when the news came through. Italy was under lockdown. It was 11pm or so. Buoyed by other people’s wine and other people’s cigarette fumes—I ...


La Mia Italia: a film by Marco Stobbia

  “We will win this war. We will not give up. We will rise again, as we have always done.”   La Mia Italia is a film by Marco Stobbia, ...


Best online events March 17-24, 2020

FESTIVAL/ St Patrick’s Day 6pm, March 17       A recently launched Facebook and WhatsApp group called Irish in Italy hosts an online toast to St Patrick’s Day March ...


TF Together: online community events

The outpouring of creativity over the last tumultuous year has been truly inspiring. The number of online events, exercise routines and virtual meet-ups is mind-boggling. For English speakers in Italy, however, ...


The best and the worst

Like a bolt out of the blue, it became deadly serious. It was as if a war had been declared and every day the frontline shifted.


No more chances after today

It takes me a while to realise I miss the car horns. Traffic still flies by, the emptier roads mean Italians take pleasure in speeding along, but what’s missing is ...


Community events from a distance

The streets may be quiet, but people are still finding ways to unite in solidarity and get through quarantine with high spirits.      Placehold Open Mic Night Florence   ...


Coronavirus: empty Florence in photos

These haunting photographs of the changed face of Florence were taken by photographer Francesco Spighi from March 10 to 12.


Florence parks closed

The City of Florence has decided to close all gated parks and public gardens, while intensifying checks on other green spaces.


Civic museums brought to people’s homes

MUS.E launches social media campaign to bring art into the homes of isolated Italians


How to help Italy during the Covid-19 pandemic

How you can help Italy during this time of unprecedented need


In Touch at Palazzo Strozzi

An evolution of the gallery's blog to explore themes and keep in touch during coronavirus


An instant way to visit the Uffizi during quarantine

How the Uffizi is bringing art into the homes of everyone in quarantine


Coronavirus: dos and don’ts

The underlying rule is clear: stay at home as much as possible and maintain interpersonal distance of one metre at all times.


Restaurants react to the Coronavirus crisis

“Eccoli,” declared my father-in-law as he extended a tray of just-fried frittelle before disappearing back inside the San Jacopino 1970s apartment block. Yesterday wasn’t the usual raucous Sunday family lunch ...


Ways to be creative in quarantine

Florence is semi-deserted. Closed museums, empty shops and directives to restrict our movements leave us wondering what we should do. From art and writing contests to a best balcony competition, ...


Coronavirus: the impact on study abroad in Florence

This past week, the study abroad experience of most American college students in Florence came to an abrupt end as, with tearful hugs for their homestay moms and waving arrivederci ...


Coronavirus in Italy: what to do

On March 8, the Italian Government issued strict legislation to slow the contagion of Coronavirus. Read the full legislation here (in Italian).   Due to an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus ...