TheFLR issue 2 Desire/Desiderio

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TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review is a new magazine from The Florentine is the Italy’s only bilingual literary review featuring six original short stories and two poems penned by contemporary Italian authors, lovingly translated into English and illustrated by an emerging artist.




Where does DESIRE come from? Is it a matter of the heart and head or more of a gut instinct? How can we relate to this word so contemporary yet so twentieth century, so distant?
These days, talking about DESIRE not only means talking about erotica and sensuality, appetites and tendencies (although they would be perfectly at home in the “summer” edition of our literary magazine!), but also all the apertures surrounding the theme: social frustration, emotional atrophy, generational ambition, new ways at looking at the stars before the universe implodes… DESIRE is also the lack thereof: desire like a sun-soaked nudist beach and Morel’s invention, like a square crowded with masses exultant for the wrong candidate, a phone call interrupted by a stalker, or plans for a new space mission in your backyard.


  • ROSSARI The Person Next to Her / La persona accanto
  • SARCHI  Spheres / Sfere
  • FRANZOSINI 17,000,000 Words / 17.000.000 di parole
  • ANEDDA Space / Spazio
  • TUROLO Craving / Craving
  • PIERANTOZZI Insects on paper / Insetti sulla carta
  • DURASTANTI My phone calls were short / Le mie telefonate erano brevi
  • NELLI Wild / Wild


Authors: Marco Rossari, Alessandra Sarchi, Sergio Nelli, Alcide Pierantozzi, Edgardo Franzosini, Claudia Durastanti, Antonio Turolo and Antonella Anedda.
Directed by Alessandro Raveggi
Illustrations by Adam Tempesta
Translations Anne Milano Appel, Johanna Bishop


Martino Baldi, Luca Baldoni, Diego Bertelli, Raoul Bruni, Silvia Costantino, Helen Farrell, Giuseppe Girimonti Greco, Daniele Pasquini, Vanni Santoni, Niccolò Scaffai, Cristina Verrienti


Issue 2 was released on May 19, 2017 thanks to the support of Gonzaga University in Florence and ISI Florence – International Studies Institute.

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