Tina Boyadjieva

Tina Boyadjieva, a New York-based photographer, is in Florence for four months this summer collaborating with The Medici Dynasty Show and doing photo shoots in medieval costumes for visitors looking for a one-of-a-kind artistic experience in Florence. She is also developing her artisan-related work and is shooting a series about artisan workshops in the Oltrarno, which she hopes to exhibit at the end of the summer in Florence and later in New York. For more information or to book a photo shoot, call 391/1392374 or visit www.tinaboyadjieva.com and www.tinabfoto.com.

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The metal artisans

I come to Florence every year in search of magic. There is so much of it in every direction I look— the centuries of art, the creations of the Medici, the architecture, ...