Tiare Dunlap

Originally from Malibu, California, Tiare Dunlap is majoring in English at Georgetown University. She in is spending Spring 2011 living in and taking classes at Georgetown?s Villa le Balze in Fiesole. While in Fiesole, she hopes to learn the Italian language's many tenses and explore italian literature, art, music, and coffee.

Articles by the author


Finding Florence…in Fiesole

Please brace yourself for the following sentence. Studying abroad in Florence is hard. Now before you write me off for complaining about how my diamond shoes are too tight, consider the following: before I landed in Florence I had never been so preoccupied with the search for an abstract concept,


How to live like Leonardo

Living in Fiesole, I had the privilege of hiking in the forest where Leonardo da Vinci used to hike, his apprentice carrying some complex feat of imagination, painstakingly crafted from wood and cloth. Making my way through dense thickets of cypress trees to cliffs that revealed a breathtaking panorama of


Live the river

‘It’s easy to notice, especially in Italy, that there is a patron saint of pretty much everything. In times of doubt you can take your pick of any number of ...


In Tuscany not everything is straight!

The Tuscan Region recently launched a web channel on their tourism portal, http://www.turismo.intoscana.it, specifically focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) tourism, making it the first region in Italy to do so. The slogan for the new channel, Gay Friendly Tuscany, is ‘In Tuscany, not


Basil basics

Caprese, pizza margherita and pesto: where would Italian food be without basil? It is the garnish that guarantees the provenance of your plate. But there is a great deal of science behind Italy's centuries-old art of cooking. Tiare Dunlap tells us about the molecular motives behind Liguria's