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When Mussolini went Hollywood

What could you buy in Italy in 1937 for two lire? Here’s what it got you: a seat in the dark, waiting in quiet anticipation of an exhilarating adventure, a tear-jerker love story or the thriller of a lifetime—at least until the next movie was


Superstitious survival

You just spilled some salt: Do you throw another pinch over your left shoulder to avoid bad luck? Do you cross the street to skirt a black cat?  When you break a mirror do you dread seven years of misfortune? The Italian culture has its fair share of superstitions


Dangerous games

In response to the disastrous and disheartening football match in Catania on February 2, Claudio Lotito, President of Lazio, remarked that security was the major weakness during games. The night match between Catania and Palermo sparked debate over who is responsible for insuring safety measures. Since most stadiums are currently


Dancing up a storm

The man assists the woman in making several turns followed by a leap, causing her skirt to rise to scandalous heights. Despite its popularity, or perhaps causing it, many deemed it indecent and shameful; the police were trained to look down upon this dance due to its risqué nature. &