Rebecca Frumento

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The tallest tree of all

The spirit of giving has reached new heights along lungarno Corsini: this year’s Flo Concept Store charity Christmas tree is so tall (in one’s mind anyway!) that only a small part of the trunk fits in the shop window. Use your imagination and visualize the highest


Boosting the Baptistery

At the presentation of the event, discussing the state of the Baptistery art, which will be held in Florence on November 24 and 25, president of the Opera del Duomo, Franco Lucchesi, called for help.   ‘The Baptistery is in a state of decay. We turned to 40 Florentine


Florence Tattoo Convention

Like a fresco, painted onto a wall, a tattoo is created by implanting ink into the dermis layer of the skin. Firenze Indelibile is bringing the best of the world’s tattoo artists to our beloved city—the seventh annual Florence Tattoo Convention will run from November 7