Naomi Kuusik

Naomi Kuusik is currently studying for a degree in English literature and Italian at the University of Glasgow. She is preparing for an Erasmus program in Bologna by braving the heat of a Florentine summer and educating herself on all the gelato flavours that the city has to offer.

Articles by the author


A window onto Florence

‘Every city, let me teach you, has its own smell!’ So says the eccentric Miss Lavish in E.M. Forster’s A Room with a View, a tale of the effect of ...


From setting to star

In the summer months, Florence often hosts open-air cinema events showcasing an international array of stars of the screen—under the stars. In some cases, the piazzas in which the events are held are themselves featured in the films. Indeed, over the past four decades, the city’


Lawrence in Florence

Lady Chatterley’s Lover, D.H. Lawrence’s unconventionally scandalous tale of sex and debauchery, rocked the English prudery boat so much that it was not legally allowed in the country until 1960, some 30 years after the author’s death. The novel, which charts the story


The big leagues

Far-flung Florentine association Fiorentini nel Mondo has named Argentinian footballer Gabriel Omar Batistuta its newest representative. Batistuta is already beloved by many Florentines as the top scorer of the 1994-5 season with a record-breaking 26 goals. However, the retired sportsman, previously practised in using his feet, is


Where do the tourists go?

A 2012 survey pinpointing the number of tourists who visited each of Italy’s twenty regions has come up with some surprising results. The most visited destination, by an overwhelming majority, was Veneto, with a staggering 40,387,375 foreigners enjoying its canals and beauty in 2012 alone.