Melissa Rossi

Melissa Rossi holds a Master's in international relations and has worked as an NGO project consultant and as a researcher on democratic transitions. She has lived in Rio de Janeiro, Boston, Prague and Florence and is fluent in English, Portuguese and Italian.

Articles by the author


The scientist’s daughter

Have you ever stopped to think that looking at the starry Florentine night is like looking back in time? Perhaps many of the stars we see were extinguished ages ago, but because of the time that light takes to travel the mindboggling distances between those stars and Earth, they still


A Lunigiana Itinerary

Legend has it that the narrow, tortuous paths, or vicoli, that lead the way up to the Castle of Piagnaro in the town of Pontremoli are haunted by a wolf-like creature known by locals as the lupo mannaro.  Locals say that the only way to avoid the attack


In the steps of the Stele

Embark on a journey back through time in the midst of the Apennine mountain chain, where more than five millennia ago a mysterious pre-Etruscan population lived, surrounded by the sights and sounds of a natural world almost completely unknown to the modern experience. Although little is known of this


We, the United States of … Italy?

The current debate surrounding Italy’s new law on fiscal federalism has remained somewhat on the sidelines as the latest avalanche of personal and political scandals surrounding Premier Berlusconi have occupied ...


Who’s on next?

Watching the political news in Italy is a real act of faith for Italians and foreigners alike. For those who grew up here, the act of faith comes from a feeling of disillusionment that nonetheless never seems to steer people away from heated political debates with complete strangers at any