Mary Delsener

Mary Delsener is originally from Concord, Massachusetts , and is a student at Barnard College in New York City. Mary is currently studying art history and Italian literature in Florence with Syracuse University. In her free time, Mary enjoys traveling, savoring Italian cuisine, and exploring Florence. Email her at

Articles by the author


Bang for your buck

Perusing the windows along Florence's cobblestone streets and scavenging for a coveted item of clothing is more passion than a pastime for the devoted shopper, but for the visitor with limited time, navigating the shopping world of Florence can be difficult-and expensive! Luckily, Florence and the surrounding area


Shopping the past

There is only one thing more exciting than visiting Florence: shopping in Florence. And the possibilities are even more exciting when you consider the vintage shopping opportunities here. Because navigating ...


What’s haunting Tuscany?

Halloween in Italy may be considered just as much of an American import as peanut butter, but it is, in fact, a holiday that was first celebrated by the Celtic tribes inhabiting Northern Europe and Ireland. With its original intent as a celebration of the end of summer, over the