Marcie Shlesinger Beyatte

Marcie Shlesinger Beyatte was born in Toronto but moved to San Francisco in the Seventies, where she lived, worked and raised her family. Now Marcie divides her time between Toronto, Tuscany and California, attempting to live her invented life as a writer, blogger, artist and culturally curious person. Visit her blog at and email her at

Articles by the author


Problem of the soup

When my friend Cristina asked me to take care of her father, Antonio, the request came at the perfect moment. I wanted an excuse to extend my time in Italy. ...


How to say goodbye (in Italian)

It seems that Italians hate to say goodbye. They draw the process out for as long as possible.


Garden of sadness

Vera Bolaffio, 18 years old, might have been known for her wit, her waist-length ebony hair, or her talent as a poet. But her story ended in August 1944 in Florence, Italy. A German grenade struck her while she was searching for drinking water just eight months before Liberation