Lori De Mori

Lori De Mori writes, gardens, bakes bread and raises her family in a restored farmhouse in the hills outside of Florence. She is the author of Florence; Flavor of the World; Savoring Tuscany and Italy Anywhere. She has written about food for many pubblications including Bon Appetit, Saveur, The Telegraph, and The Indipendent.

Articles by the author


Sipping well: an Italian beverage guide

In Florence, the worth of bar (or what we would call a café) is measured by its coffee—so much so that espresso machines are made to hold an upended bag of coffee in full display so that customers can see which roaster the café uses.  


Flavours of the world: Florentine cuisine

There is a habit in Italy—and Florence is no exception—of talking about food while eating (“wonderful meals I’ve eaten” being a particularly frequent topic).  And if you were to ask a Florentine how important food is in the grand scheme of