Lily Prigioniero

Lily Prigioniero is a professor of writing and art conservation who, for the past 20 years, has taught in various study-abroad programs in Florence including New York University, Syracuse, and the Florence University of the Arts. She lives with her family in the hills of Montespertoli.

Articles by the author


From fiddle to folk house

A few years ago, I took out a violin I had bought for five dollars at a garage sale back when I lived in the Midwest and brought it over to Italy—hoping I would eventually learn how to play it. After a few lessons with Florentine Vieri


Teatro del Borgo opens its doors

In the outskirts of Florence not far from the throngs of tourists in the historic center, amid the fields flanking the highway to Pisa, lies the neighborhood of San Bartolo a Cintoia, a hushed and cozy borgo where tall buildings line the antique streets like protective giants warding off invading