Leah Eades

Leah Eades is a British travel writer and au pair currently living the struggling artist?s life in Santo Spirito. You can read more by her life on the road in her blog, www.isleahhere.wordpress.com. Be warned though: it?s mostly about tea and cats.

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Dejan Bogdanovic

Although there are many who dream of dropping everything and living through their art, few actually take the plunge. Dejan Bogdanovic, however, is the embodiment of that Florentine dream. Arriving in Florence from the former Yugoslavia on a SACI scholarship more than 20 years ago, he still hasn't left


The great pasta escape

Chock full of restaurants, pizzerias, bars and eateries, Florence has a reputation among Italians and foreigners alike as the place to find the best that Italian cuisine has to offer. However, not many know that the city is also rich in international cuisine, providing an escape from Italy's classic