Lauri Thorndyke

Lauri Thorndyke is the author of the series The English Walks in Florence?The Grand Tour, the Victorian Tourist, the Edwardian Resident, available at the Paperback Exchange, the British Institute Library, and museum bookshops in Florence.

Articles by the author


Three English Queens

This is an important year for the monarchy in Britain: 2012 marks the 60th year that Queen Elizabeth II has reigned, a record only broken by one other monarch-her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. For those of us with British roots or just a keen interest, the Queen's


More English than England

In England, most events in life happen over a good cup of tea, so it came as no surprise that my discovery of the English in Florence started with one. This cup of tea, however, was not being served under the grey skies of Britain, but in a beautiful palazzo