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The whys behind the wedding

What is it about Italy that lures celebrities to its shores to tie the knot? Are there no palaces elsewhere? Is Italy the only country that so willingly opens its villa doors to starry-eyed brides and their gallant grooms fixing for a bit of white wedding spice? In the


Indulging in nature’s cures

‘Eureka!’ The treasure miners accidentally found in Monsummano wasn’t gold. The natural ‘gem’ discovered more than a hundred years ago on Giusti family property was much bigger and more unique. ...


Hills and heavens of Mugello

‘Many a dream has been disclosed this summer! Morning conversations are about painting, against the backdrop of Rilke’s letters on Cézanne as lunch is eaten in the shade, sheltered from ...


Il Borro: a Tuscan legacy

At the source of the Arno River lies Il Borro, a striking medieval hamlet whose origins stretch back more than a thousand years, when the area was once dominated by a fortified castle. Named for its deep yellow gorges, or borri, the region was originally inhabited by the Etruscans and


Makeout: Italian style!

It was a beautiful day. Actually, it was a ‘become beautiful’ day. Cathy had won herself The Florentine’s makeover and I was going to be her accompanying journalist. We were both a bit nervous. If some women make beauty treatments their daily bread, then  Cathy