Katie Acompora

Originally from Mamaroneck, New York, Katie Acompora is majoring in English with a concentration in journalism at Fairfield University. She is attending the Florence University of Arts this spring to study art history and travel writing.

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The lion, the man and the Duomo

An ancient proverb holds that a lion’s power lies in our fear of him. If you look at the door on the left-hand side of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, you will find a lion and a lioness atop a column. The lion figures in


Time to say goodbye

Saying goodbye is painfully hard. I never imagined how fast and how hard I could fall in love with a city. I distinctly recall landing at the airport and not knowing what to expect. The surreal moment of seeing the Duomo for the first time looking out my bedroom window


Rams above the river

In their haste to get where they are going or eagerness to take in the gorgeous view, those crossing Ponte Santa Trinita, the bridge that was faithfully reconstructed after being destroyed in World War II, may miss the discreet decoration on the central arch, featuring the heads of two rams,


Saintly Sunday

On the second Sunday after Easter, an estimated 800,000 people congregated from all over the world to participate in the Vatican’s first double canonization, celebrating Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. About 850 cardinals and bishops, 700 priests, and 93 official delegates were in attendance. Pope


Palazzo passageway

A delightful discovery was recently unearthed beneath Palazzo Vecchio. During the renovation of the foyer and the new ticket office for the ancient Roman theatre preserved inside, a never-before-seen passageway was uncovered. This specific type of corridor was known in ancient Roman times as the ‘vomitorium,’


From Lebanon to Florence

Passion. Emotion. Perseverance. Change. Mashrou’ Leila is a band of seven Lebanese musicians who took the stage at the Auditorium Flog on April 11 to raise awareness and funds for Syria as a part of worldwide Muslim Awareness Week. Mashrou’ is the Arabic word for “overnight project,&


Ready. Set. Go.

On April 6, 2014, people from all walks of life came together for the 31st Vivicittà Half Marathon.   The scenic running track passed through all of Florence’s treasures: Santa Croce, Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo.   Vivicittà is sponsored by Uisp, the Italian union of


London calling!

British band The Carnabys took over Florence’s Hard Rock Café stage last Wednesday, bringing some rock and roll swagger to the Renaissance city. Musicians Jack Mercer, James Morgan, Mike Delizo, Ben Gittins and Alex Bloomfield may only be in their twenties, but their passion, soul, charisma and


A pillar of surveillance

Now, every slight movement of the Column of Justice in piazza Santa Trinita is under intense surveillance.   A special sensor was placed on top of this granite 1581 statue that was given to Cosimo I in 1560 by Pope Pius IV. The device was placed as a precautionary measure


An afternoon in Fiesole

As a study abroad student living in the center of Florence, I appreciate my picturesque view of the Duomo from my apartment window, the distinctive sound of the church bells ringing every morning and the violinist who plays symphonies directly under my third-floor apartment window each night. My location


Madonna mud

Madonna has been spending less time on stage and more time creating MDNA Skin, her first line of natural beauty products, made from Tuscan mud from the Terme di Montecatini.   After stirring excitement among her fan base by releasing a teaser video for MDNA Skin on her personal website


Nothing virgin about this oil

The Italian government is acclaimed for its confiscation of counterfeit goods. So what happens when Harrod's tries to sell pseudo ‘Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil,’ olive oil that claims to be derived from 100% pure Tuscan olives.   The Italian ministry of agriculture has taken serious and