Jennifer Sgro

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All that jazz

Are your feet tired of the discoteca, the endless fight for survival amidst herds of sticky stiletto-wearing stumbellinas swaying to the beat of techno remixes, courtesy of last year's most overplayed rappers? Have you seen enough ambitious renditions of Rigoletto, not even counting the countless pop-culture references


Invisible city: Roman Florentia

Once upon a time, in the year 59 B.C., there flourished a daughter of Imperial Rome. This daugh-ter was called Florentia, after the noble Roman warrior Fiorinus, who is said to have set up camp on the north banks of the Arno. In keeping with a common tale


Labor of love

Amidst all the hype about post-everythingness in the art world, from cooking up Carvaggio's with spaghetti to Leonardo's with chocolate syrup, a rinascimento of all'antica method and iconography could be just what cyber-age skeptics need to revive faith in painting. Call it traditional, even old