Jason Thomas Browe

A sommelier by training, Jason Thomas Browe is part of a new generation of wine and food bloggers and photojournalists. Employing frank images and concise texts, Browe directs the website www.vigne.com, a photojournalistic exploration of Italian wine and food through the varied expressions of the territory in which they are produced.

Articles by the author


Wines so seemingly simple

The French term vin nouveau and its Italian counterpart, vino novello, literally mean ‘new wine.’ However, the ‘new’ in nouveau and novello of these wines is literal in another sense: while governo all’ uso toscano has been reintroduced of late, vin nouveau and vino novello


In cantina

Making wine is complicated. As Antonella D’Isanto, co-owner of I Balzini winery along with her husband Vincenzo, explains, that lovely potion in your glass is the fruit of labor, passion, skill, technology, and, well, fruit. Here, I share the process as she revealed it to me.   &


Translating terroir

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term ‘terroir.’ The French loanword is often translated as a particular set of characteristics—climate, geography, geology, soil, topology, and even human culture—which come together to provide us with a ‘sense of place.’ The term is