Jared Turkus

Jared Turkus attends the International School of Florence. He is fourteen years old and will be starting the eight grade next fall. He is originally from Palo Alto, California. In this spare time he enjoys creative writing, snow-skiing, windsurfing, and tennis. He has lived in Florence for five years.

Articles by the author


International School of Florence Tanzania Project

Two years ago, the International School of Florence (ISF) established a philanthropic project to aide students in Moshi, one of the poorest regions in Tanzania. The Tanzania Project comprises over 60 middle and high school students in the African country. The main objective is to help students by providing academic


Cleaning up Chianti

On the morning of September 19, a group of students from the International School of Florence gathered to clean the hiking and off-road trails of the Chianti countryside.   Their goal was to make the countryside a more pleasant place by purging the Chianti hillsides of litter. Scouring 3.


Life on both sides of the pond: ice cream or gelato?

Ice cream here in Italy is one thing that has always interested me. Throughout my travels in Europe, I have noticed that the ice cream products are different in each country. In England they have American brands such as Ben and Jerrys, Baskin Robbins and Dreyers, but you cant buy


Life on both sides of the pond

Life in Italy and life in the U.S. are two completely different worlds. When I was a little kid, living in Northern California, I thought there was no other place like home. I thought all of my future lay within the country that I was standing in. I was