A School Year at ISF

    The International School of Florence (ISF) is one of the oldest international schools in Europe, culminating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, the surest path to accessing the broadest choice of colleges and universities throughout the world. As a non-profit educational institution, ISF embodies the values of the Renaissance by striving for academic excellence while developing students’ creativity, intellectual curiosity, innovative spirit and appreciation for beauty. At ISF, students are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow through a focus on their potential today.

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    A different kind of new year

    The arrival of a new year normally brings with it a feeling of lightness, a weight off one’s shoulders, a breath of fresh air, a new beginning.


    December festivities make a return for the best

    The break of December marks the initiation of Tuscany’s festive holiday season, accompanied by an assortment of uniquely Florentine landmarks and traditions. The lights, street markets and various events all ...


    Tuscany’s olive harvest: a treasured tradition faces seasonal challenges

    As October came to an end and the crisp autumn breeze began to envelop the Tuscan hills, it marked the beginning of one of Tuscany’s most celebrated traditions: the olive ...


    International School of Florence: humanist values and a global mindset

    Despite its young age of 70 years, the International School of Florence, one of the oldest international schools in Europe, is harnessing its humanist values and global mindset to build ...


    ISF students become Palazzo Strozzi guides for the night

    The International School of Florence is working closely with the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi on a collaborative project that connects students directly to the rich heritage and contemporary culture of Florence, ...