IED Firenze

    For almost 50 years, the Istituto Europeo di Design has been operating in the fields of education and research in the disciplines of design, fashion, visual communication and management. Today, the IED is an ever-expanding international network that issues first-level academic diplomas and organises three-year courses, master’s courses, continued professional development and advanced training courses. The Florentine has collaborated frequently with IED students on a range of editorial projects; the finest articles get published on TF's website.

    Articles by the author


    Why is a IED Master’s different?

    IED Firenze has its home in a contemporary building at the very centre of Florence’s Renaissance architecture, just behind Brunelleschi’s dome. In such an incomparable place, those who wish to ...


    Fashion through the ages in Florence

    My expectations about Florence, style-wise, were nonexistent before boarding the plane to come here: past visits to the city were as a tourist, not a fashion student. I knew that ...


    Fashion Business master at IED Firenze

    Riccardo Bresciani coordinates and supervises the entire master area at IED Florence. His job is to oversee the formats, special projects, experiences and development of IED Florence’s master programs as ...


    A new take on “student perspective” in Florence

    As we walk down the street, whether we’re in Florence or Fort Worth, we tend to look straight ahead. Of course we do this because it’s the most comfortable way ...


    A textile treasure hunt

    Travelers from across the world come to Florence with a basic understanding of and appreciation for the city’s historic reputation in the world of art and craftsmanship: Ferragamo, Gucci and ...


    The different flavors of Firenze fashion

    Italy may be the land of love, but let’s be real: it’s the food and the fashion that speak straight to our souls. Firenze is home to as many different ...


    Stylish sensitivity to “stagione”

    “What’s it going to be like out today?” I think to myself as I browse through my closet, getting ready for the day ahead. My weather app says it’ll be ...


    First impressions: dark duds in a colorful city

    When first arriving in Florence for a semester abroad, I was overwhelmed by my new surroundings, but one of my most immediate impressions was that Italians seemed to wear black all the ...


    The veterans of Florentine street style

    After WWII came the emergence of “Made in Italy”. Giovanni Battista Giorgini organized the first internationally recognized Italian fashion runway show in Florence, opening the floodgates to what would change ...