Heather Baysa

Heather Baysa, is a sophomore at NYU studying abroad in Florence for the semester plans to major in creative writing and comparative literature and hopes to pursue a career in journalism or publishing.

Articles by the author


Lost and found

I've concluded that it's the walk. Speeding down my street each morning as if I'm 15 minutes late for something, even when I have nowhere in particular to be, I stand out among the Florentines, whose measured steps and leisurely strolls belie any stress or pressing engagements.



When I was approached by the third American tourist in two days (this one asking me which way to ‘Cavour Street’), I decided it was time to venture over to ...


Small victories

  Students search for cultural enlightenment   There is nothing that can create a sense of community quite like sports, and this made me think that if I wanted to ...


Getting started

Let me tell you about my first day in Florence-not because I want to share the details of my trip, but to explain the overwhelming sense of cultural ambiguity that I, and a surprising number of my fellow study abroad students at NYU, have been wrestling with since we