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Journey to the stars

Palazzo Strozzi, in the heart of Florence’s historic centre, is getting a reputation for bringing innovation to Florence, and its programming for families is no exception. Beginning with the current exhibit, Galileo: Images of the Universe from Antiquity to the Telescope, which runs through August 30, Palazzo Strozzi


Bottega dei Ragazzi

Parents looking for an opportunity to expose their kids to creative events in English need look no further than the innovative Bottega dei Ragazzi (Children's Workshop), part of Florence's Museo degli Innocenti. Starting January 31, the Bottega will hold English-language workshops and events during the last weekend


Bottega dei ragazzi

How many times have you heard your out-of-town friends say, ‘Florence is such a lovely city, but where are all the kids?' It does sometimes seem like the Renaissance city is completely devoid of children as families have begun to move out of the center and into