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Cops and salsa

When you call a foreign country home and summer rolls around and you find yourself planning a vacation to the old place you used to call home, you realize how strange your life has become. You are now, in many ways, a tourist in your own land. You find yourself


Warning: this mom may be hazardous to your child’s health

I truly wasn't trying to harm her. It was early April-that cruel month when birthday invitations ramp up again, when kids who've gone stir-crazy all winter have learned with fiendish skill how to push all your buttons (and push them, with relish)-and my daughter


Pleasure or pain?

Were Dante to write the Inferno today, I have no doubt that commuting in Florence would be among the punishments in his nine circles of Hell. Thus, I was rather nonplussed to read Mayor Matteo Renzi's assertion that his favorite means of getting around Florence is on foot, as


When the frosting hits the fan

Perhaps it's some kind of maternal sacrilege, but I must confess a loathing for birthday parties, which, here in Italy, tend to be of epic length, demanding the ferocious stamina of a gladiator fighting off a pride of peckish lions. They typically involve weird clowns, animatrici of arbitrary talents,