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An Interview with Ron Cook

An interview with Ron Cook, American president of the historic Florentine espresso machine company La Marzocco.   Ron Cook is always excited to talk about the company he runs, and on a recent warm fall day, while he fiddled with the latest deluxe Marzocco espresso machine model GB/5 (that


Foreigners get the vote

The political scene is heating up here in Italy as the countdown begins for the 2006 elections. The convoluted debates, internal factioning, and heavy accusations, have already begun as candidates and their parties begin vying for voter’s support to win the next 5-year run as Prime Minister.


The ‘Grassroots Mission’ of the U.S. Consulate

Most people who have spent some time in Florence are aware of the existence of the U.S. Consulate here. Some may have even used it for official reasons; for reporting lost passports, obtaining visas for entry into the U.S., for voting abroad in U.S. elections, etc. Or,