Bridget Babcox

Bridget Babcox is a 17-year-old junior at the International School of Florence. Born and raised in Ohio, Bridget now lives in Italy with her family and loves writing, reading and exploring the beautiful city she thinks herself lucky to call home.

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Farewell to Florence

When I first came to Florence, I never imagined falling in love with it the way that I have. I saw it through the eyes of any tourist: as a spectacle, a place to enjoy but never to call home. I observed its untouchable perfection—its beauty, history, delicious


In plain sight

Though most tourists head for Florence’s better-known attractions, less famous spots around Florence are also brimming with history—most in plain view. Here are four legend-rich sites to explore.   SOMETHING OUT OF PLACE When in piazza Duomo, it is natural to look up and


Springtime in Florence

The absolute best part of spring in Florence for teenagers? When I ask my friend Sam, he stares at me and responds simply, ‘The sun.’ It’s hard to deny. For some reason, everything seems happier—excuse the reference—under a beautiful Tuscan sun. And



Florence is filled with beautiful sights that anyone, tourist or native Florentine, can appreciate and enjoy. Amazing Instagram opportunities abound in this Renaissance metropolis. To capture some of the best shots in town, consider these places to focus your efforts. Get your smartphone and walking shoes ready. Let the Instagram


Winter day trips from Florence

Take advantage of the lack of tourist crowds this time of year and visit some of Italy’s most charming towns and cities. These destinations make affordable winter day trips within Tuscany and beyond.   Bologna: It is generally agreed that Bologna is the food capital of Italy, so


Into the holiday spirit

With all the twinkling lights, the delicious smells and the bustle of the people walking by, the Santa Croce German Christmas market had me experiencing sensory overload. As I bit into my delicious Nutella crepe, I realized that for the first time this year, it felt like, well, Christmas. For


Turkey Day in Florence

‘Why do you eat turkey? That’s my question.’ My Australian friend Henry stared at me quizzically as he asked me his Thanksgiving question. I was at a very unpatriotic loss. ...


Country or city?

My lullaby of cricket chirps soon became one of passersby’s shouts and wailing ambulances. Rendered sleepless by the noise, I could not help bitterly questioning the necessity of shouting at three in the morning—after all, what relevant information could passersby possibly be sharing at this hour?


One stop shop

Florence is one of the fashion capitals of the world, so it would simply be a crime not to enjoy the plethora of stores it has to offer, whether by window shopping (a personal favorite) or filling shopping bags with new purchases. Teens and young adults living in Florence are