Brenda Moore-McCann

Brenda Moore-McCann is an art critic-historian with an interest in contemporay art living between Dublin and Tuscany. She is the author of The Chianti Sculpture Park (2004) and is currently writing a book on the artist Patrick Ireland (a.k.a. Brian O'Doherty)

Articles by the author


Looking for Mr Right? He lives on Via Ricasoli

Florence continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and Michelangelo’s David the masterpiece everyone wants to see. This is not new. The gigantic scale of the statue has been a source of wonder since Florentines first saw it in 1504. Indeed its size


Art communes with nature

Historically, Tuscany is a region that has always been attractive to artists because of its rich cultural heritage, luminous light, and landscape. The sculpture gardens created during the 1980s and 1990s at the Villa Gori near Pistoia, the Giardino dei Tarrocchi at Pescia Fiorentina, or the Giardino di Spoerri at