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Lurking in the shadows – Italy’s other economy

Italians call it the economia sommersa – the ‘submerged economy.’ There are umpteen methods for calculating it, just as many definitions and pseudonyms for it, and a variety of takes on its significance in the bel paese. With most estimates pointing at a value in the range of


Organized crime still a force in the south

A wave of tit-for-tat executions has recently engulfed Naples, southern Italy’s main metropolis. The Camorra, the mafia-like criminal organization that controls large swathes of the city and other towns in Campania has been wracked by internal conflict since a splinter group of “Scissionisti”


The faces of the Italian Economy

Italy's Economy - As Bad as Most Italian's Think? Bring up one subject with your average Italian and you can expect a real ear-bashing – the economy. Italians love to lamentarsi, “si lamenta” (one complains), about many things, but especially about the grim outlook for the