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Italian trains explained

For many travelers new to Europe, the world of train travel can be confusing, and when you add a foreign language to the mix, it is easy to feel defeated. There is always the looming fear that you will accidentally do something wrong and be suddenly faced with an Italian-


Travel savvy

Even if you are in Florence for one semester, you may travel in Europe at least 5 out of the 12 or 13 weeks of your study abroad period. Some of these travel weekends will likely be in Italy, with an organized group or a school field trip where transport


Low-cost ‘Airlining’

Low-cost airlines have revolutionised the way we travel around Europe. If at all possible we will take a flight rather than catch a train or a bus, and in many cases, the choice is made based on the fact that these days, a plane ticket can cost much less. &


Everybody outdoors

If you are anything like me you will have taken a look through your Florence guidebook on the flight over. Trying to be ‘good,’ I start with the section about the history of the city, but eventually the temptation to skip straight to the section on shopping or