Aimee Bateas

Aimee Bateas is originally from West Hartford, CT and graduated from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA in May 2010. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. She is currently pursuing her master?s degree in European Union Policy Studies in Florence through James Madison University.

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Music in the air

From Florence to Pistoia, Lucca to Fiesole, there is music in the air. It's the season for Tuscany's summer music festivals, and there is nothing quite like swaying to sweet sounds with the scent of warm grass in the air, cold beer in hand and thousands of years


Calling Europe?

Recent events in North Africa, such as the uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia and the NATO action in Libya have raised questions about the ability of Europe to speak with one voice. The common foreign and security policy (CFSP) is the European Union's attempt to do just this. The most


Florence by choice

Among the immigrants coming to Italy an increasing number are students who come here in search of ‘new experiences' and to receive a more valuable education than they might in their countries of origin.   A recent study of foreign students attending Tuscan universities conducted by the La Pira


Help for Japan

Numerous organizations across Tuscany are working to support international relief efforts for those affected by the massive earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami, some focusing on particular needs. When Japanese authorities speaking with staff of the Italian Institute of Culture in Japan noted the need for water, the Pistoia-based


Pisa fetes the Internet

From May 5 to 8, Pisa will host a festival focused on the cultural, technological, social and productive aspects of the Internet in everyday life. Events and displays explore the use of the Internet as a tool for personal creativity, but also warn parents and children about the risks of


Doing business

The number of Tuscan-based businesses run by foreign residents continues to rise. From 1999 to 2008, the number of enterprises with foreign-born owners quadrupled, rising from 7,600 to more than 32,000, with an average of 111 companies owned by non-Italians in each of Tuscany's


Thoughts on Florence’s latest ‘Situation’

Spray tans, fist-pumping and blowouts are not typically associated with Florence or its inhabitants. And if you thought the MTV TRL Awards in Santa Croce was contradiction enough, brace yourselves. As you may already know, throughout May and June, the American reality show Jersey Shore will converge on Florence


Celebrating Europe

According to Marco Del Panta, Secretary General of the European University Institute (EUI), 'Florence is a city known for its past and not so much for its present and future.' In his quest to showcase the activities of the European Union (EU) and to display the works of the postgraduate


A nation of influence

As one of the 27 member states of the European Union (EU), Italy, like, its fellow members, is faced with the ongoing challenge of standing out and exerting influence within it. To date, Italy has been one of its most influential states in the EU, an asset to the bloc,


Europhile or eurosceptic?

The European Union (EU), which began as a peace project after the trauma of World War II, brought Europeans together with the hope of avoiding another war.   During its short history of 60 years, the participating nations have worked together on creating a common market, the Schengen area and


Turin > Florence > Rome

As Italy begins its celebration of 150 years of unification, Tuscans recognize this anniversary as a significant milestone for the region, but especially for Florence. Although Tuscany and Florence are known as being the heart of the Italian Renaissance, with Dante and the Medicis calling Florence home, the unification of