Adam Wenger

Adam Wenger born in Montreal, Quebec, Adam Wenger moved to Newport Beach, California at the age of seven. He writes for UC Santa Barbaras Daily Nexus newspaper as an op-ed columnist and is currently studying at Lorenzo de Medici in Florence.

Articles by the author


Racing through Mugello

Standing alone in the middle of a picturesque, dandelion-covered meadow, I welcomed the greatly overdue spring sunshine. With an abandoned farmhouse on the horizon  and the smell of fresh grass permeating the air, I had to remind myself that I wasn't lost in the hills of Tuscany:


Soccer Sunday

In America it’s known as soccer. In Europe, it’s football, or the ‘beautiful game’. And if you’re staying in Florence, then you owe yourself a visit to a Fiorentina game, Florence’s football team. Known to their fans as Viola, they