The Florentine Cocktail: straight up and on the rocks

The Florentine Cocktail: straight up and on the rocks

Mon 13 Sep 2021 3:50 PM

At The Florentine, we’re shaken but not stirred. One thing’s for sure: a well-made drink settles the nerves and what better cocktail than our very own The Florentine! Getting to know the creative team of Harry’s Bar The Garden at top hotel Sina Villa Medici in Florence’s via il Prato sparked the idea to join forces and invent our magazine’s signature cocktail. Cin cin!




The Florentine Cocktail


The Florentine Cocktail with our summer issue. Ph. @marcobadiani




The concept. “Florence has always been a city of cultural exchange, from Caterina de’ Medici’s time in France to our many international friends who have chosen to live here with us. This organic, enjoyable and fun cocktail reflects that essence,” explains bar manager Federico Fametti. Spot on, we say.   



Bar manager Federico Fametti mixes The Florentine Cocktail at Harry’s Bar The Garden – Sina Villa Medici. Ph. @marcobadiani




The contents. Bee flower, Buddha’s hand from Elba and rose petals are infused in Winestillery Copper Strength gin distilled in Chianti to create a trademark Florentine purple extraction. Chill the glass with ice. 3cl of the floral extraction, 4cl of Winestillery London Dry Gin, 1cl of sugar syrup and fresh lemon juice are stirred together. Serve two ways: on the rocks or straight up in a Martini glass. 





The opinion. Refreshingly upbeat and reliably hip, it’s like tasting our Instagram feed in a glass. Our editor loves the straight version with its floral forwardness, while our photographer enjoys snapping the tonic top-up in a highball tumbler.  



The Florentine’s editor in chief, Helen Farrell, with The Florentine Cocktail. Ph. @marcobadiani



Enjoy The Florentine cocktail for yourselves. Now available at Harry’s Bar The Garden – Sina Villa Medici Autograph Collection (via Il Prato 42, Florence). 16 euro.




Read more about Florence Cocktail Week: September 20-26.

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