New Dream of Italy special

New Dream of Italy special

Wed 14 Jul 2021 1:45 PM

Kathy McCabe is back on our screens with Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive, a PBS special that concentrates on the transformative power of Italy.



“I know that just one trip to Italy can be completely life-changing because that’s what happened to me,” said host and executive producer Kathy McCabe, in an interview with Forbes. “Traveling to Italy can change how you live at home, how you see the world, and even what you do for a living.”




Kathy McCabe (second from right) with the Bach family in Florence




McCabe explores 11 essential elements of the Italian lifestylethe land, food, family, art and culture, beauty, pace of life, passion, movement, community, celebrations and sense of homethrough the stories of full- and part-time expats Sting & Trudie Styler, Francis Ford Coppola, Under the Tuscan Sun author Frances Mayes, best-selling financial author David Bach, retiree Sally Carrocino and interior designer Arlene Antoinette Gibbs.



The special aired as a pledge special, providing viewers with the opportunity to donate to your local public television station and receive the accompanying book, exclusive extended DVD, Italian lessons and a Tuscan-made sunflower charm.



The 90-minute pledge event started airing on PBS stations in June. For more information, see

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